How to enjoy a game of Pidro

The saying goes “it takes two to tango” but in our world it takes four to Pidro.

Few things are as aggravating as when you played a good game of Pidro and at the final round someone rage quits and no other player joins in and you are forced to end the game and take a loss.

Here are some tips on how to avoid cheaters and enjoy the game to the fullest.

1. Play with your friends

Of course one should mix and mingle, but with friends the level of trust is often higher and one wouldn’t expect any rage quitting. You can often find pidro enthusiasts on one of our online forums.

2. Create a password protected table

Did you know that you can create a table with a password? You could announce your temporary password on a Pidro forum or send an invite directly to your peers. In anycase, a password protected table allows for better control over who joins in.

3. Become a member

The assumption is that someone who is a member would conduct themselves within the rules of conduct. As a member one can put restrictions on the tables and only allow for other members. 

4. Look at the color indicator

By the player’s profile there is a green, yellow and red dot indicating if they have a tendency to finish games. If not it turns yellow first and then red. Avoid yellow and red players.

5. Block 

In all its simplicity, tap the player’s profile and tap the block button. You will not see each other at the tables any longer. 

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