Pidro Game Updates for September/October

Hej Pidro players!

Feedback from our community is the lifeline of our game development. We've been carefully listening to what you've had to say, and, as promised, we're ramping up our efforts to enhance the Pidro experience. Today, we're excited to share some of the latest improvements we've made.

Recent Game Enhancements:

  1. Fixed "Ghost" Tables: Some of you noticed and reported that after a game was finished and players returned to the lobby, the same table sometimes appeared as if the game was still ongoing. We identified the glitch and have resolved it. Now, tables will properly disappear from the lobby once a game concludes.

  2. Blacklist Improvements: We became aware of some bugs that prevented players from unblocking others. We're happy to announce that these have been addressed. Your blacklist should now function without any hitches.

  3. Streamlined Account Deletion: It's always a little sad for us when someone decides to leave the Pidro community. But for those who choose to, we've ensured that the account deletion process is smoother and more reliable than ever.

On a broader note, our team has embarked on migrating to a newer and more agile codebase. This technical shift will pave the way for us to roll out updates and fixes on a more frequent basis. Our goal? To consistently elevate your Pidro experience.

If you've noticed and appreciated these updates, we kindly ask that you consider leaving a review on the App Store or Google Play Store. Not only does your feedback guide our development, but it also empowers us to accelerate our pace and bring even more improvements to the game.

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We're grateful for each member of our Pidro community. Together, we're committed to enhancing and expanding this beloved card game.

Happy gaming to all, and stay tuned for more updates!

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