Pidro insights: Navigating the Consequences of a Bad Call


Unleash the joy of strategising and skill with Pidro, a traditional four-player trick-taking game. Dominated by strategy, the success of your Pidro game heavily hinges on making successful calls. A poor call not only chips away at your score but also provides your opponents with an unexpected advantage.

What is a Bad Call?

In Pidro, a bad call happens when a player overestimates the strength of their hand and bids higher than what they can achieve. During the bidding phase, players bid on the number of points they think their team can win. Each round, a total of 14 points are at stake. A player making a call too high risks falling short of their bid, leading to a loss of points equivalent to their bid.

The Fallout of a Bad Call: Case Studies

Scenario 1: Team A bids 9, confident in the strength of their hand. However, as the game unfolds, they can only secure 6 points. The result? They don't reach their bid amount, lose the bid amount, and end up with minus 9, offering their opponents a window to leap ahead.

Scenario 2: Both Team A and Team B are close to the target score of 62. Team A, feeling ambitious, makes a bid of 8. Unfortunately, they miscalculated, and the other team dares to bid higher. This bad call not only loses them an opportunity to control the last crucial game but also allows Team B to snatch victory by gaining more points in the round.

Avoiding Bad Calls: Tips and Tricks

Analyse Your Hand: Before making a call, analyse the strength of your hand. Do you have enough high-ranking cards of the same suit? Do you have the majority of one suit which could possibly become the trump suit?

Consider Your Partner: Remember, Pidro is a team game. If your hand isn’t strong, your partner's might be.

Be Conservative: When in doubt, some say it's better to underbid than overbid. Bidding aggressively can backfire if your hand doesn’t play out as expected. But then again, no guts no glory.

Practice Makes Perfect: Experience is the best teacher in Pidro. The more you play, the better you’ll become at evaluating your hand and making successful bids.


Pidro is a game of strategy, skill, and calculated risks. Understanding the importance of making accurate calls and learning from past mistakes can significantly increase your chances of winning. Remember, the bid you make can make or break your game. So, choose wisely and enjoy the delightful world of Pidro.

Happy playing!

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